Research & Funding

Project coordination and support

Implementing projects successfully

Complete your research and development projects successfully and efficiently. We develop funding applications, we are in charge of the thematic and organisational coordination of your project or we support you as a project partner providing technical contributions, communication measures and event management.

How you benefit

  • You use the various existing funding opportunities at State, federal and at EU level.
  • You reduce your administrative burden and are able to focus fully on the content.
  • You gain thematic and organisational support for specific tasks.

What we offer

  • We are in charge of the thematic and organisational coordination of your funding project and write the project report.
  • We support you in communicating with you project partners and organise project meetings and workshops.
  • We monitor and evaluate your project.
  • We prepare analyses, studies, communication strategies and recommendations for action.
  • We organise knowledge transfer through innovative event formats and support press and public relations work.


Everyone, who makes use of funding, faces numerous formal conditions: writing project reports, proofing costs and regularly applying for funding grants in due form. We have long-standing experience of cooperating with different funding agencies at State, federal and at EU level. Within the framework of our national and international funding projects, we additionally gained extensive experience with network building, scientific communication and event management. 

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