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Research & Funding

Application for funding

Funding to invest in future fields

Use the financing and funding opportunities for promising investments. We support you in finding suitable programmes and instruments as well as in compiling and submitting an application.

How you benefit

  • You secure the financing of your investment.
  • You are able to use and apply financing instruments and funding programmes. 

What we offer

  • We train you on financing and funding offers, acquisition for funding and credit application in one-day seminars.
  • We provide you customized consulting and individual coaching.
  • We analyse and evaluate relevant funding and financing instruments tailored to your needs. 


It is not an easy task to find and apply for a suitable financing and funding programme. The variety of offers and the high application requirements on the applicant are a great challenge. We have gained experience in applying for funding on behalf of our clients as well as for our own projects. Therefore, we know the relevant and suitable offers and are familiar with the requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises, for trading, for service providers as well as for consulting companies and promoters of economic development active in the field of environmental technology.

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