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Prepare your staff for future challenges

Trainings are a key factor for successful corporate and public action. Only those that stay up-to-date regarding market development, technologies and management methods will be ready to face the challenges of the future.
Position yourself to face those future challenges – strategy and content-wise. We offer on-site trainings, individually tailored to you, in which we qualify staff members and management staff in the area of environmental and sustainability management as well as further topics in the area of sustainable development.

How you benefit

  • You improve the competence and motivation of your staff members

What we offer

  • We are your qualified partner for trainings in the areas of environment, quality, occupational safety and sustainable development
  • We offer you our team of qualified trainers who have long-standing experience in conducting trainings and workshops
  • We tailor our offer to the individual target groups and needs of your company
  • We gladly offer to conduct our trainings on-site at your company’s location, e.g. on the topics of:

    • Sustainability basic seminar
    • Sustainability intensification seminar
    • Sustainability future oriented seminar


Based on practical experience from numerous consulting activities for different target groups and sectors, we offer a broad range of training possibilities. Through individual accompanying teaching material as well as interactive methods, e.g. a knowledge test with the opportunity to win a prize, we regularly receive very good ratings for our trainings from participants as well as customers.

Trainer with participants
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