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Evalution of funding programmes

Systematic processing of research activities

Gain valuable insights on success factors, transferable results and further need for research from funding programmes. We accompany ongoing programmes, evaluate the results comprehensively and develop recommendations for action.

How you benefit

  • You receive continuous cross-programme monitoring and evaluation of activities.
  • You add value through networking and combination of activities within the programme and beyond.
  • You receive comprehensive insights on success factors and indications for further research needs.

What we offer

  • We are in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of the project.
  • We organise the communication and establish processes for cross-programme results within the funding programme.
  • We prepare overall analysis, studies, communication strategies and recommendations for action.
  • We are in charge of the communication, knowledge transfer and networking with a relevant audience using modern event formats and communication measures.
  • We advise you on the design of follow-up programmes.


In order to reach the overall objectives of a funding programme, numerous project activities develop and test different possible solutions and implementation processes. A cross-programme support promotes the identification of common issues and results at programme-level. These findings are essential for the evaluation and development of new programmes. Apart from having long-standing experience in programme support, we add the project-level perspective from implementing various national and international funding projects.

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