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Energy (efficiency) consulting for companies

Decreasing costs and consumption through energy efficiency

Reduce your costs due to increasing energy efficiency. We identify and assess your energy-saving potential, support you in implementing energy efficiency measures and investigate potential funding opportunities.

How you benefit

  • You receive practical advice and implementation measures.
  • You are able to reduce the energy consumption and costs of your company.
  • You benefit from the improvement of your operational processes.

What we offer

  • We identify and asses the energy saving potential in your company.
  • We accompany and advice your responsible staff members on-site.
  • We support you in the design and tender of energy efficiency measures.
  • We involve your staff members in the process through motivated activities and campaign.
  • We offer performance of training courses and workshops.

In numerous companies the energy costs can be decreased by 10 to 20 percent without major investments. In many cases savings of up to 30 percent and in rare cases savings of up to 50 percent are possible. We offer you a competent and practical consulting services based on our experiences in advising more than 3.000 companies.

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