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Municipal energy and climate protection concepts

Regions on the way towards the future

Promote key issues for the future in your region such as renewable energies, climate protection and mobility. We prepare for you concepts, which take into account the quality of life of the citizens, the attractiveness of the region for settlement and investments as well as funding conditions, and accompany the implementation process involving all relevant stakeholders.

How you benefit 

  • You shape climate and energy policy actions in your region and gain like-minded partners.
  • You promote regional value creation.
  • You take your regions one step closer to the energy transition and sustainable mobility
  • You improve the sense of community and regional identity through active participation processes.
  • You gain access to funding possibilities such as public funding or private capital.

What we offer

  • We help you to identify and activate the strengths of your region for a sustainable energy supply.
  • We evaluate relevant future challenges regarding energy transformation, climate protection, climate change as well as mobility change and present priorities and development pathways. 
  • We develop concrete action plans regarding energy supply, climate protection, climate adaption and mobility in close cooperation with decision makers and citizens. 
  • We prepare climate-balancing (balances of regional energy consumption and production and of regional greenhouse gases emissions) especially for (municipal) utilities.
  • We plan and implement the use of regenerative energies.
  • We accompany you from the analysis of potentials to the implementation of concrete measures. 
  • We support you in creating essential consulting, financing and implementing structures as well as so-called ‘regional energy efficiency cooperatives’.
  • We consult your regarding the European Energy Award® (eea) and the German-wide programme Mobil.Pro.Fit.


Efficient energy use and renewable energies offer opportunities for regions and municipalities. New sources of income for agriculture, trade, craft industry and manufacturing are generated. New regional economic cycles will be formed and new exciting training occupations are created. The energy supply from local energy sources strengthens the regional identity, the quality of life and the attractiveness of the region. We provide a broad wealth of experiences as consultants working together with municipalities and regions. In parts of Germany, we are the coordination unit for the European Energy Award® (eea). Within the framework of a German-wide project, we develop and implement so-called ‘regional energy efficiency cooperatives’.

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