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int:net – Interoperability Network for the Energy Transition

Establishment of an ecosystem for developing, testing, and deploying interoperable energy services to further pave the path for a carbon free European society in 2050

The coordination and support project is dedicated to a central aspect for the success of the energy transition - interoperability. With this project, B.A.U.M. is further expanding its international activities.

int:net – Interoperability Network for the Energy Transition


The project provides an important building block for the success of a carbon-neutral European future in 2050 by supporting the involvement of all stakeholders, also outside the energy sector. For the transition to the new future to succeed, not only is connectivity required in the energy sector, but energy-related processes and products in all sectors must be aligned - they must be interoperable. The int:net project aims to connect these sectors and take joint standardization and interoperability to a new level. B.A.U.M. brings to the project its years of experience in supporting RDI programs and initiatives.

In addition to B.A.U.M., part of the consortium are the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (DE), AIT (AT), OFFIS (DE), EPRI (IE), DKE (DE), tecnalia (ES), ENTSO-E (BE), E.DSO (BE), European University Institute (IT), RWTH Aachen (DE), Trialog (FR) and the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (AT). The consortium thus consists of research institutions, major associations of distribution and transmission system operators, and consulting companies, which together form a network.


  • Stakeholder participation with group-specific event formats
  • Analysis and development of potential business models
  • Development and Implementation of the communication strategy
  • Management of the dissemination of results
  • Establishment of community platform

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