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Sustainable management

Regional and municipal development

Focus on the strengths of your municipality and region for a sustainable future worth living. We identify together with you suitable fields of action and market potentials, prepare development concepts and moderate participation and implementation processes.

How you benefit

  • You increase the regional added value and the quality-of-life of your citizens.
  • You establish and work with a long-term concept for you region.
  • You create a sense of community through the active participation of all stakeholders.
  • You use the potentials of your region for a sustainable future.

What we offer

  • We support the regional development process from establishing a mission statement to creating a sustainability report.
  • We establish together with you a feasible action plan as the foundation for municipal or regional development.
  • We identify potentials for regional marketing and regional supply for your region’s products.
  • We develop and apply for funding projects in the area of renewable energies, climate protection, climate adaptation and mobility transition.


The competition for regions and municipalities is continuously increasing. Additionally, public budgets are decreasing. For that reason, it becomes more and more important to find new ways to sustain the quality of life, generate jobs on the foundation of sustainable and decentralised economic structures and preserve regional identities as well as the local environment. Our consulting approach focuses on an economically and environmentally consistent development. We take into account the social and cultural interests of people from rural as well as urban areas and further exchange processes in the framework of value-added partnerships between urban and rural communities. We achieve this through accompanying the development processes and the establishing functioning market structures and value chains based on the strengths of the local actors and existing structures.

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