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Sustainable management

ÖKOPROFIT® (ECOPROFIT – reducing costs and conserving resources)

Corporate preventive environmental protection

With ÖKOPROFIT® you will lay the foundation for a preventive environmental protection in your company. We accompany participating companies during the entire process and support initiators in launching new ÖKOPROFIT-programmes.

How you benefit

As a participating company you
  • are able to decrease your costs through efficient use of resources.
  • obtain legal certainty regarding environmental legal requirements.
  • improve your reputation by becoming a publicly acclaimed “ÖKOPROFIT-company”.
  • lay the foundation for an environmental management system according to ISO 14001/EMAS, an energy management system according to DIN 16247 or ISO 50001 or a sustainability management.
  • exchange experiences and strengthen relationships within regional networks.

  As an initiator you

  • strengthen the commercial viability of companies in your area.
  • support the sustainable development of your city or your region.

What we offer

  • We inform your company about the concrete benefits of participating.
  • We accompany you through the entire ÖKOPROFIT process – from the start to the award.
  • We organise knowledge exchange and networking opportunities with other ÖKOPROFIT companies.
  • We launch new ÖKOPROFIT-programmes together with municipalities or initiators.


ÖKOPROFIT - Ökologisches Projekt für Integrierte Umwelttechnik (Ecological project for Integrated Environmental Technology) - focuses on small as well as large companies, manufacturing companies as well as service companies, craft producers and social institutions. ÖKOPROFIT is a cooperation project between cities or administrative districts and the local economy. ÖKOPROFIT is the most successful project introducing environmental management in companies in Europe. We have successfully implemented more than 100 ÖKOPROFIT-projects together with more than 1.500 companies.

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ÖKOPROFIT is a registered trademark of the city of Graz. The ÖKOPROFIT rights of use are imparted to other municipalities for a fee by the City of Munich and the City of Graz.