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JPP SES Policy Brief 2022 on key aspects for the energy transition released

Recommendations of experts to support the energy transition

2 May 2022: With the Policy Brief 2022 the researchers from the Joint Programming Platform (JPP SES) have developed recommendations on key aspects for the energy transition to be considered by decision makers. B.A.U.M. coordinated the process.


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The annually released JPP SES Policy Briefs of the European Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) are the result of an intensive and iterative work process of the JPP SES Knowledge Community.

On the basis of their profound expertise and knowledge, the researchers have developed 35 recommendations in 5 topics on key aspects that are essential for driving forward the energy transition. The recommendations cover the topics Consumer and Citizen Involvement, Regional Matters, Regulatory and Market Development, Storage and Cross Energy Carrier Synergies as well as System Architecture and Implementation Modelling – following the current Knowledge Community thematic working groups.

The Policy Brief 2022 Edition is available in the following formats:

  • Policy Brief Overview: for getting a first overview of the recommendations.
  • Policy Brief Summary: for familiarizing yourself with the recommendations in detail.

The recommendations are primarily targeted at policy makers, managers of funding programmes and projects, regulators as well as representatives from business and science. They all are invited to consider and comment the recommendations.

The JPP SES Knowledge Community unites experts in smart energy systems. On the basis of the profound experience and expertise of researchers from 24 projects of the JPP SES initiative and 5 projects from outside the initiative the experts develop recommendations for decision makers on different levels who are working in the field of smart energy systems. With its Working Groups, the JPP SES initiative provides a platform for developing such expert recommendations. This process is facilitated by the JPP SES Support Team, which is led by B.A.U.M. Consult.

For the current Policy Brief Edition the process started with the Status Conference at the JPP SES Conference in November 2021, where reference documents – as basis for the discussion – were selected. This was followed by a phase in which experts added contributions to the discussion documents on the expera platform, which provided the basis for the first round of discussions in the Working Group Meetings in January and February 2022. The lively, critical and constrictive exchange during these meetings allowed for the Working Group Leads of the JPP SES Support Team to then develop a first draft of the Policy Briefs. The latter were discussed and finalised in the joint meeting of all five Working Groups in March 2022. The JPP SES Steering Board agreed to the publication and dissemination of the Policy Briefs on 20 April 2022.

Feel free to share the Policy Brief 2022 in your networks and contact the JPP SES Support Team at B.A.U.M. if any question arises!


Since 2015 B.A.U.M. has provided programme support for the JPP ERA-Net SES initiative, a network of 30 public funding agencies from European and associated countries and regions. It provides a sustainable and service-oriented joint programming platform to finance transnational RDD projects, developing technologies and solutions in thematic areas like smart power grids, regional and local energy systems, heating and cooling networks, digital energy and smart services. In cooperation with RSE (Italy) and CLIC Innovation (Finland), B.A.U.M. Consult has set up a Knowledge Community and annually derives policy recommendations for the 23 countries involved and the organisations at EU level.


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