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B.A.U.M. as an internationally established partner for the future energy supply

Successful completions and starts of national and international research projects with the participation of B.A.U.M. in 2016

1st September 2016, Munich/Berlin: From E-Energy to ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus - for many years B.A.U.M. is successfully involved in national and international research projects. Project partners and clients appreciate its expert contribution as well as its extensive experience of networking, science communication, project coordination and evaluation related to solutions for Smart Energy and Smart Grids.


Having the future in mind - in order to shape the future actively. This is a central concern of B.A.U.M. from its very beginning. For many years B.A.U.M. develops together with partners from science, industry and public sector new solutions for a smart and secure energy supply with renewable energies, sustainable mobility and regional development within national and international research and development projects. It comprises expert contribution and studies, overall coordination and evaluation as well as network building, know-how transfer and science communication.

Forward-looking project results

In 2016 several projects with high public perception have been completed successfully, for example the three-year international projects “Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen“ (S3C) und “Future Internet Smart Utility Services“ (FINESCE). During the project S3C the customer was in the focus of attention: the partners developed new ideas and tools to strengthen the user’s acceptance and engagement for a system of smart energy supply. The project FINESCE focused on a platform for internet based solutions for the future energy supply. B.A.U.M. was mainly in charge of the know-how transfer and establishment of networks between energy and IT sector.
Results and tools of both projects will likely be important components for further developments in the field of smart grid. For example, there is a finalised toolkit with fifty concrete guidelines available on the website of S3C helping municipal utilities to address and integrate their customers even better.

Transnational cooperation for innovative projects

At the moment B.A.U.M. actively participates in further forward-looking programmes and projects. One example is the Europe-wide initiative “ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus” involving 21 European countries. The main objective of the initiative is to connect the topics technology, market and acceptance more closely. On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit), B.A.U.M. leads the programme accompaniment of the initiative and is in charge of the support for the projects, evaluation, knowledge transfer and networking of relevant stakeholders.

Trend topics on new pathways

The Horizon 2020 project “Energy Local Storage Advanced System” (ELSA) strikes new pathways on the research level: energy, estate and automotive sector cooperate to develop together local energy storage systems based on second-life Li-Ion batteries from electrical vehicles. The aim is to integrate distributed small and medium-sizes storage systems in order to operate distribution grids more flexible and more efficient.  B.A.U.M. is mainly responsible for the economic and environmental impact assessment, the evaluation of field tests as well as the dissemination of project results.

The smart operation of grids is also in the centre of attention at national level: the joint project “Optimisation of integrated networks of transmission and distribution grids” (OptNetzE) aims developing new solution approaches for integrated grid operation at the interface between transmission and distribution grid.

“PolyEnergyNet” (PEN) focuses on the development of a model for a decentralised control intelligence of energy networks -
so-called resilient poly-networks. These resilient energy networks characteristically have robust network operations. Gas and head grids are taken into account as interfaces in order to guarantee the robustness. Poly-networks are designed to allow decentralised network control in distribution grids, which reinforces the resilience against disruptions, such as volatility of electricity generation or unforeseen events up to cyber-attacks. B.A.U.M. primarily coordinates all activities of the model development process.

Energy-service is an issue of emerging importance, which is addressed by the project „SMART Innovative Energy Services” (SMARTIES) on behalf of the bmvit. The project’s aim is to evaluate the requirement of smart energy-services in order to create a comprehensive and systematic guidance and a necessary decision-making tool, which help to identify the need for intervention for innovative market development differentiated according to various action areas.


Due to its participation in research and development projects B.A.U.M. constantly extends its range of topics and technical expertise connecting relevant stakeholders and future technologies. In consequence, B.A.U.M.’s competence to act in the interests of sustainable development by finding solutions and answers to pressing issues for a more sustainable society (so-called “Gestaltungskompetenz”) steadily increases.

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